Midnight Getaway (Limited Edition) – Print

Giclee print from our diverse collection of fine art prints, crafted on 210gsm natural white art paper.

As part of the the Storybook Limited Edition, only 12 prints signed by the artist exist in A4 and A3 only. The certificate of authenticity is included in the purchase.

Title: Midnight Getaway
A view around the corner.



This print is part of our diverse collection of fine art prints, available in various sizes. Each print is meticulously crafted on 210gsm natural white art paper, ensuring a 100% acid-free foundation. Utilising Giclee printing, renowned for its excellence in the digital print market, we employ a dozen fade-resistant pigment-based inks. The result is a stunning and beautifully matte image that boasts a lifespan of over 100 years.


From The Artist

“‘Midnight Getaway’ is born from an evening stroll through Sovereign Harbour, where a simple dock took on the allure of a runway in the artist’s imagination. In this captivating composition, the dock’s side panels transform into roadways or railway tracks, opening a portal to a world of possibilities. The runway dominates the scene, drawing focus and leaving room for the imagination to take flight.

Initiated by a photograph capturing this unique perspective, the artistic process took on a life of its own the following day. What emerged was not just a visual representation but a narrative—the birth of ‘Midnight Getaway.’ As the piece unfolded, elements of popular culture, scattered thoughts, and diverse ideas seamlessly integrated into the artwork, creating a layered and dynamic composition.

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A4, A3, A2, A1


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